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I see litigation as a process of problem solving. My clients bring me their problems – situations that they find to be unacceptable. I help them obtain the best possible result or resolution.

Litigation can be a complicated and consuming process – consuming of time, resources, and energy that you would rather spend on other endeavors. However, your rights are too important to proceed without the assistance of legal counsel.

If you bring your problem to me, I will sit down with you personally and discuss your goals. I will analyze every aspect of your problem – your case – and devise a plan. Sometimes this will mean negotiations without filing suit, and sometimes this will mean bringing your case to court.

In creating this plan for you, I will consider not only your goals and objectives, but also analyze what the other side wants and what motivates their actions. Sometimes problems are not as simple as one side being right and other side being wrong. Sometimes both sides have competing interests that are in conflict. Understanding and recognizing early the degree of validity of the other side’s position can be critical in achieving your goals and maximizing the ultimate result. In pursuit of those goals and results, you can count on me to vigorously advocate for your rights while candidly assessing for you the range of possible outcomes.

Generally, the primary goal will be to obtain the best result in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. Sometimes early legal consultation will avoid the expense and time of formal litigation. If litigation is necessary or unavoidable, you can expect nothing less than my aggressive and efficient efforts while I remain in close communication with you throughout the litigation process.

Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or whether you have been sued, timely action is required. Do not delay in seeking assistance. If you wait too long, you may find your claim barred, or your ability to reach an acceptable result compromised or lost.

If you have a question about your rights or responsibilities, if you have been injured, if you believe that you may have a claim, or if someone has threatened to sue you or has indeed filed suit against you, do not delay. Contact me today. I will be happy to consult with you to see if I can help you. Use the contact form on this web site, or call me at 440.996.0066.



Michael Dylan Brennan - Consumer Rights

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Michael Dylan Brennan - Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights

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Personal Injury

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Insurance Coverage

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Business Services

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