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“Before we do that, let’s run it by legal… call Michael.”

Just because your business doesn’t have a legal department in house, doesn’t mean that you don’t need legal services for your business.

When dealing with customers and suppliers, well drafted contracts and standard terms of conditions can help you avoid disputes or protect you and your business interests when disputes do arise.

Internally, well drafted non-competition and confidentiality agreements can protect the proprietary processes, trade secrets and client lists that you have worked so hard to develop.

You need someone to turn to when you are uncertain of your responsibilities regarding family leave, COBRA, and accommodations for disabilities. And someone you can turn to when someone doesn’t honor the obligations owed to your business.

Businesses that establish a relationship with The Law Office of Michael Dylan Brennan LLC know that their legal department is just a phone call away. A small investment in legal services can help you avoid costly mistakes. I offer my best judgment and prompt service, and I am conscientious of your concerns, including controlling your legal costs.

Contact me and we’ll discuss your business needs.



Michael Dylan Brennan - Consumer Rights

Litigation Services

Problem Solver


Michael Dylan Brennan - Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights

-Debt Collection Defense
-Lemon Law


Michael Dylan Brennan - Personal Injury

Personal Injury

-Motor Vehicle Accidents
-Premises Liability
-Catastrophic Injuries


Michael Dylan Brennan - Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

-Breach of Contract
-Bad Faith
-Reservation of Rights


Michael Dylan Brennan - Business Services

Business Services

Make Our Office Your Legal Department


The Law Office of Michael Dylan Brennan, LLC
5001 Mayfield Road, Suite 301
Cleveland, OH 44124

Phone: 216.382.1000
Fax: 216.291.0159


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